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This privacy policy was created by  Empire Tech Co.,Ltd.                                                                                                          

The Company respects personal rights and places importance on protecting the personal information of its customers. The company has therefore created this privacy policy. to inform you that What are the Company's practices for collecting your personal information for use or disclosure? For what purpose? And what are the methods for managing personal information? as well as your legal rights related to personal information. In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, this privacy policy covers the Company's various services, including websites, applications, social media and other channels, to customers and visitors to the Company. But it does not apply to employees and job applicants with the company. He admits that Your use of the company's services through various channels or providing information to the company. It is considered that you have accepted the company's practices as specified in this privacy policy. The company has a policy to develop and improve services to be up to date. Always be efficient and in accordance with the principles of good governance and relevant laws. The Company may therefore update this privacy policy from time to time. We therefore request that you check this policy periodically so that you will know the latest privacy policy of the company for your convenience. You can click on the name of each topic to read this privacy policy individually as follows.                                                                                                   

Privacy Policy
     Section 1. From what sources does the company collect your personal information?
     Section 2. Use of cookies (Cookies) and other tracking technologies (tracking technologies).
     Section 3 Personal information that the company collects
     Section 4 Period for collecting personal information.
     Section 5: Purpose of collecting personal information.
     Section 6: Who does the company disclose information to?
     Section 7: Your rights in handling personal information.
     Section 8 Information of the Company and the Company's Personal Data Protection Officer

Section 1 : From what sources does the company collect your personal information?
Directly from you, such as User account information (Account) or information that the user has edited or updated in the user account information (Account) of the user. or information obtained from the user contacting the company or the company's team (such as representatives) or information obtained from other user accounts (accounts), information from product use and/or the company's services; contact, visit, search through the website, Call Center and other channels of the company; as well as information on participating in various activities including the platform, surveys, seminars and road shows; tracking technology (tracking technology ) When you use the websites and applications of third party affiliated companies, such as
        - Government agencies

        - Financial institutions                         

        - Agents, brokers and other intermediaries .

        - Business partners

        - Social media platforms and advertising providers                                                                                                                                                                                                  This is for the benefit of updating the personal information of service users and to improve the quality and efficiency of the Company's products and services.

Section 2 : Use of cookies and other tracking technologies
We use cookies and other tracking technologies, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Conversion Tracking, to help us collect information such as browser type. Time spent using online services Visited pages, referring URLs, language settings and other computer traffic data for security purposes. To facilitate the use of the website for more effective data display To collect statistical data and to improve the experience of visiting websites and applications to meet your needs while using online services. In addition, cookies are a tool that allows the company to select advertisements or offers that are most likely to interest you. To display while you use online services or To send marketing emails We also use cookies to track responses to online advertisements and marketing emails. You can learn more about our use of cookies in our Cookie Policy.

Section 3 : Personal information that the company collects about individuals, such as Full name, age, date of birth, gender, marital status, national identification number, passport number or other government-issued identification information, postal address, place of work, telephone number, email, Line ID. , IP address, Cookie ID, browser information and other information about the device you use to access the Company's websites, applications and other communication channels.
Financial information such as Deposit account number financial history List of assets Account statement of transaction information such as investments, investment unit sales orders Including information about products or services that you have purchased, used, considered, or your tendency to purchase or use various products or services, information about your activities using the internet, applications, or other electronic networks, such as history in Your visits, searches, and interactions with our websites or advertisements. Information collected from cookies, pixel tags, and other tracking technologies. Audio, visual, or other personally identifiable information. This may include: Information about geographic location
Sensitive Data The Company will collect, use and/or disclose sensitive personal information such as information about race, religion, health information of users, biometric information, disability or any other sensitive information that would be beneficial. in providing services Only if the company has received your express consent. or in cases where the company is necessary as permitted by law The company may need to collect, use and/or disclose biometric information such as voice identity information. For the purpose of verifying and confirming the identity of service users who request to apply. and/or make transactions through the Call Center website or any other channels, etc.

Section 4 : Period for collecting personal information
The Company will retain your personal information for as long as necessary to complete the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy. Except in cases where the law requires or permits data to be kept longer. This may be for a period of approximately 5 - 10 years or longer as necessary, such as according to the statute of limitations specified by law for related matters. for litigation or for inspection by regulatory agencies                                                                                                                                                                         

Section 5: Purpose of collecting personal information

In order to provide services that meet your needs, the Company will use your personal information. So that you can receive products and/or services that meet your objectives according to the contract or as you request. In the following cases:                                                                                                                                              

      - Considering approval and/or providing various services such as opening a trading account for investment units, investing, making transactions to buy, sell, exchange investment units                       

      - Any operations related to providing products and/or services, such as processing, contacting, notifying, or delegating work to third parties who are third party service providers. Transfer of rights and/or duties
If you refuse to provide information to the company This may cause the Company to be unable to provide products and/or provide services to you in order to carry out its legal duties in compliance with relevant laws, such as securities and exchange laws. Tax law Laws to prevent and suppress money laundering computer law and bankruptcy law The Company collects, uses and/or discloses personal information such as information of directors. authorized person to act on behalf of Representative of a juristic person customer and persons with whom the court has a receivership order, etc. In addition, the company has a duty to comply with orders of agencies or officials having legal authority. In addition, the company may need to cooperate in providing information to relevant agencies abroad. If you refuse to provide information to the company This may cause the Company to be unable to provide products and/or provide services to you.
For the legitimate interests of the company or of another person or legal entity such as                                                                                                                                                                               

      - Security measures: The company has audio recordings via the Call Center and CCTV recordings at the entrances and exits of the company                                                                                                                                       

      - Maintaining relationships with customers, e.g. Complaint management Satisfaction assessment Customer care by the company's employees Communicating or offering products and/or services of the same type as you have with the Company which is beneficial to you from time to time.

     -  Risk management  Supervision Management within the organization Including prevention of illegal acts such as corruption, cyber threats, money laundering and other laws                                                                                                            

     -  Security of personal information, e.g. Making personal information non-personally identifiable (Anonymous Data)                         

     - Business purposes: The company collects personal information for the purpose of statistical analysis or company public relations, such as recording images and recording audio during meetings, training, recreation, or booth exhibitions.
In the event that you refuse to provide information to the company This may cause the company to not be able to serve you as efficiently as it should in order for you to benefit from the use of products and/or services. As you have given your consent, such as To provide you with better products and/or services that are consistent with your needs. in order for you to receive offers Special benefits, advice, and news, including the right to participate in special activities, etc.
In the event that you refuse to provide information to the company This may cause the company to not be able to serve you as efficiently as it should.

Section 6 : Who does the company disclose information to?
The Company will not disclose personal information to any person without your consent first. However, you acknowledge and agree that for efficiency in providing services or to comply with the law The Company may disclose your personal information to the following persons: affiliated companies, business partners, and data processing service providers. Both inside and abroad
Government agencies or officials exercising legal authority
By disclosing personal information to such persons The Company will ensure that those persons keep the personal information of the Service Users confidential. and shall not be used for purposes other than those specified by the Company.                                                                                                                                                                

                In this regard, personal information that the company receives from you It will be stored in the data center (Cloud) of a third party data processing service provider and has servers located both in Thailand and abroad. In this regard, the transfer of personal data of the Company's customers to the processing service provider. Such external information The purpose is to ensure safe storage. Backup Information retrieval service and for the benefit of providing services The Company has carefully examined and selected the service provider and has an agreement regarding measures to maintain data security and the scope of data processing with the relevant service provider. In the case where the user provides personal information to the company. It is considered that the user has consented to the cross-border data transfer and the storage of your personal data abroad for the above purposes. If you believe that the person to whom the company has disclosed the personal information of the service user as above The user's personal information has been used for purposes other than the scope specified by the company. You may notify the Company using the details specified in this Privacy Policy. In order to proceed further in the relevant section. The Company may have to disclose personal information of users. To comply with the law, such as disclosing information to government agencies Government agencies Agencies responsible for regulating services or agencies regulating service users Including in cases where there is a request to disclose information by virtue of law, such as requesting information for filing a lawsuit or legal action. or is a request from a private agency or other third parties involved in legal proceedings. Including in cases where it is reasonably necessary to enforce the Company's terms and conditions of service. as well as disclosing information in the event of organizational restructuring. Company merger or sale of business The Company may transfer personal information of users. Whether all or some of the information collected by the company is sent to the relevant company.                                         

Section 7 : Your rights in handling personal information.
Correcting or deleting personal information You can correct or delete your personal information at any time. You can request a “Personal Information Request Form” to fill out and send to the company via the Empire Tech Contact Center: or call: 02-459-5899. Deleting information may cause users to be unable to receive services from the company. or may cause the service to not be as efficient as it should be
In the event that there is a request to delete the user's personal information from the system or customer database of that company. The Company will do its best according to the capabilities of the relevant work systems to facilitate and process the requests of the users. Unless it appears that the fact Processing such requests risks violating the privacy policies of other users. or is contrary to the law or it is necessary to keep the information as evidence in an investigation or legal action. or to comply with a duty under applicable law. or to comply with system security policies or in cases where it is practically impossible according to the request of the user. Even though the company has processed the user's request. Such information may still be recorded or copied on the Company's server or backup system as a backup in the event of an error, defect, or failure of the access request system. and request an electronic copy of personal information Requesting disclosure and transfer of personal information to another person by automatic means Limiting or suspending use You can object to data processing. “Personal Information Request Form” to fill out and send to the company via Empire Tech Contact Center: or call: 02-459-5899
Withdrawal of Consent You may withdraw your consent to the Company regarding data processing or specific activities at any time by contacting the Company using the information set out below. Additionally, if you do not wish to: Receive information and press releases from the company. You can proceed as follows.

        - If you do not wish to receive information via telephone: Please notify your wish via Empire Tech Contact Center: or Tel: 02-459-5899.

        - In case you do not wish to receive news information via email (E-Mail): You can immediately press “unsubscribe from news information” in the email you receive from the company.                  

Complaints. You have the right to complain to the expert committee in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act in the case that the company or processor of personal data including employees or contractors of the company or personal data processors Violates or fails to comply with the Act or announcements issued under the said Act.

Section: 8 Company Information and the Company's Personal Data Protection Officer You can contact the Company at the following address:                                                                                                                          

No. 244, 2nd Floor, Village No. 3, Nakhon In Road, Bang Khun Kong Subdistrict, Bang Kruai District, Nonthaburi Province 11130                                                                                   

In order to effectively comply with the company's privacy policy. The company has appointed a personal data protection officer. which will provide assistance regarding

Can manage your personal information If you have any questions or suggestions about the company's practices regarding personal information management. You can notify the company via

Empire Tech Contact Center: or Call: 02-459-5899. or Call: 02-459-5899

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